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Welcome to Da Bx Ze Radio 24/7 ON AIR official music recording studio from Manosque, France Hip Hop joints interviews sometimes live djs beatmaking compositions and more i hope you will enjoy listening the content ANY ON AIR SONG REQUESTS AT / VOUS VOULES QUE JE PASSE UNE MUSIQUE EN PARTICULIER SUR LES ONDES ? clique ici song requests here
also social links etc
you can follow me on instagram, facebook, twitch, twitter, youtube and even on soundcloud, depends of what you look for, music, vapors, tips or just cool vibrations.

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Title: Bx Ze Radio
Description: 24/7 without commercials
Genre: Other
Website: https://linktr.ee/zeoldlion
Bitrate: 128

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Discord server is a link to my community server, you can do your song requests, comments etc. onto this... follow the leader you will find every usefull links into this
about my music studio record, you can contact me on instagram, facebook, I play lot of keyboard, sometimes turntables, I rock hip hop words with the microphone, also a producer, beatmaker, acoustic technician, carpenter and much more... kind of a black MacGyver

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Discord channel = https://discord.com/invite/sp3JzUtGR7 @zeoldlion on google brings to https://linktr.ee/zeoldlion